About Midnight Nanny

Midnight Nanny was founded by Christine in 2010 in Sacramento, CA. Christine's idea came to her late one night as she was caring for her 6 month old nephew. He didn't sleep well at night and whoever was caring for him was always sleep deprived the next day. She thought that offering a specialty nanny service to sleep deprived parents would be a hit. 

As she began building Midnight Nanny she decided to flip her schedule so that she could stay up all night to care for her nephew while his mom slept, and then when she got up Christine could go to bed. The plan was a success! Nobody was sleep deprived and the baby had constant care provided for him. 

Christine continued to build Midnight Nanny and got her first client in March of 2010 working with 6 week old twins. Since then she has become a Newborn Care Specialist and has continued providing newborn care in the Sacramento area. Christine has been helping families with newborn twins, and she also has experience working with preemies. 

Prior to starting Midnight Nanny, Christine had a background as a nanny. She has over 20 years of combined experience providing quality child care for friends, family, in her community, and professionally.