"I highly recommend Christine as a newborn care specialist. Christine did several night shifts a weeks for my family from October 2015-March 2016. My twin girls were about two months old when she started. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and skilled, and would be an asset to any family as a child caregiver. 

Christine was always exceedingly professional. She took copious notes about the babies’ sleeping patterns and other behaviors. She would always communicate with us in a timely fashion when scheduling issues arose. We appreciated how seriously she took her responsibilities with our family.

Christine is also well-versed in childcare issues. She was strategic and organized in her approach to helping the babies learn how to sleep through the night, including helping us figure out how much to feed the babies during the day. She even provided us with a sample nap/feeding schedule. She would often trouble-shoot with us and came up with creative ideas when problems arose. If I ever asked Christine a question, even casually, she would always research the answer if she didn’t already know it. As a result, we had a great degree of confidence in her.

Most importantly, Christine was helpful in ways that we hadn’t necessarily anticipated. When our babies were sick, she helped administer Tylenol and take their temperature. She even helped us reorganize our nursery, making it much more user friendly. She was always patient and gentle with the babies, even through the crying fits.

We felt much more secure with the babies in Christine’s hands when we went to sleep. She is extremely knowledgeable about the care of babies and is highly detail—oriented. We whole-heartedly recommend her as a child caretaker."

- Kathryn Cotter

"Christine worked for our family as a newborn care specialist (NCS) and was with our family for about 2.5 months. During her time with us she cared for our newborn twins 3 nights a week from when they were about a month old. Christine has been a tremendous help to us as we adjust to life with 2 newborns. We also have a 2 year old son, so the night time help has allowed us to have the energy to keep up with our toddler during the day.

Christine is very reliable. She is always on time and is energetic about being at our home and watching our babies. Christine's role has primarily included feeding both babies bottles, diaper changes and soothing the babies. She also keeps very thorough notes about the times the babies eat, how long they are awake during the night and diaper changes so that we can keep up with a schedule during the day. Christine has also implemented sleep training techniques. Both twins have now successfully transitioned to sleeping in their cribs at night. One baby sleeps through the night while the other will only wake once for a short period of soothing.

We completely trust Christine with the care of our twins and would highly recommend her for other newborn care specialist opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. "

- Kelsey Greene

"Christine was my live-in nanny for a year. We initially hired her when my daughter was one month old and I knew I had to be back at work by the time she turned 3 months. From the moment Christine entered our home, we knew our little girl and my nerves would be okay. Christine was knowledgeable, professional, courteous, clean and most of all respectful of us and our family time.

When I went back to work, my daughter wouldn't take a bottle. She was used to the breast. My 3 month old went on a hunger strike but Christine was calm. She asked me to bring home syringes from work (I'm an ER nurse). I did and Christine fed her breast milk with a syringe until she swapped for a traditional bottle. In a matter of days there was no problem switching back and forth between breast and bottle. Amazing.

My daughter is now 10 years old. She and Christine still have a close relationship. Anyone who hires her will not be disappointed.

If any potential employer of Christine's would like to talk to me further, please contact me."

- Christy Harvey

"I've known Christine for approx. 20 years now, and there were only two people who I trusted with my daughters when they were little... One was my daughter, Jillian, and the other was her good friend, Christine!!!

I've watched Christine not only assist with other people’s children, but she was instrumental in helping raise her nieces and nephews, as if they were her own.

I was also the Sunday school coordinator at my church for 9 years, and Christine was frequently, (as in almost every week), assisting. She has always been someone I have trusted fully and completely.

with the little ones!"

- Sue Barbour

"Christine is loyal, trustworthy, and above all kind and compassionate. She is extremely organized, clean, and has lots of good activity ideas. Any employer would be lucky to have her."

- Heidi Cooley

"Lets talk about the perfect nanny! She is responsible , trustworthy, compassionate and caring, devoted to her goals, works well with others. I couldn't have thanked her enough for all the hard work and dedication and ambition she provides. I highly recommend Christine."

- Curtis Bunheirao

"I think this idea is ingenious. Christine knows the needs of parents and children. She is a loving, intuitive, caring, intelligent woman. She is very experienced not only in her career but also her care with children in her family and friends' lives. I would trust her with my children above any one else I know!"

- Michelle Boggs

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